About Us

Copper King (PVT) Ltd was formed in the year 2000. It deals with the bulk supply of plumbing material to other merchants, plumbing companies, contracting companies as well as individual customers. It sources its material both locally as well as regionally. Examples of the kind of products sold at Copper King are, Copper pipes and fittings, PVC, galvanised pipes and fittings; sanitary wares(e.g toilet suites, basins, bath tubs etc); taps and mixers(both domestic as well as commercial e.d Medical taps and mixers) and water heaters are some of the main products offered. Copper King is also an approved stockist of COBRA products.

• Build a reputation as the best hardware to obtain quality products at affordable prices.
• Make sure through our friendly and efficient service, our customers are fully satisfied at all times.
• Cater for customers from all walks of life.

To provide quality products at affordable prices across the whole Country

  • To follow strict ethical paths to accomplish our goal
  • Ensure that all key stakeholders of the organisation are taken into firm consideration at all times.