Our Justifications for Renewable Energy

By using renewable energy technologies we will be able to address both the need for energy and the need for good food and water services. The programme will help rural farmers not to be heavily dependent on government support and to be able to migrate themselves to commercial level. Farmers should not rely on handouts. No one cares about money that is free.

The numbers involved are very exciting and could, if successfully implemented create a valuable ground-change giving economic freedom to a large number of people. Projects of this nature also work hand in hand with food security and re-empowering the general population to take a hand in their future. It gives rural communities a potential employment area minimizing the driving forces of urbanization which have stripped our countryside of employable youth and has turned them into shack dwellers in poor communities in towns

Benefits and Investments:

• World class production infrastructure
• Hi Tech training and development programmes
• Usage of the very best equipment, machinery and irrigation systems
• Large scale employment creation and long lasting poverty reduction

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